Thursday, May 31, 2012

Simple And Practical Blog Writing Tips

Everyone keeps a blog these days.  It’s no longer the issue of who has one but who can keep one well.  You know, a blogger who can update content and make each post as interesting as it can be; who can send his message across without getting too wordy or technical. If you want to be this kind of writer, you’re reading the perfect article.  Here you will learn about simple and practical blog writing tips that can help you thrive successfully in the blogosphere.

The first step to take is this: have something good to say.  This is not to be misconstrued as to only say good about a specific subject.  It is to write about a topic that can be beneficial to the readers, may it involve exposing of negative things related to the issue. 

If you feel like you don’t have much to say, or you are soon going to run out of it, the solution is to read widely and continuously.  Make taking note a habit and plan on how you can share it proficiently with others.

Blogging is about saying what's on your mind.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Try Out Guest Blogging For Site Promotion

Have you tried blogging for other people? Not really on a regular basis but as a way to also promote your own blog or website.

Guest blogging is a practice used by bloggers to boost traffic to their sites.  It involves writing on another blogger’s page hence the term “guest.”  This practice can work either way: you write on another person’s blog, or, another person creates a post to appear on your blog.  In this article, let’s talk more about the scheme and how beneficial it can really be.

A blogger can publish a post on your own site by first contacting you and asking whether he or she can provide a blog entry for you.  If it’s a friend, granting the request would not be hard.  However, if it’s someone you’re not exactly close or familiar with, the story would be different. 

When this happens, the first thing to do is deliberate on the request. Investigate even, if necessary.  This is because the person’s post will inevitably stir your followers.  Whether it will stir them for the better or not depends on how well you scrutinize the blogger and his or her post.  Basically, it’s going to be the same process if you wish to write a guest blog post on somebody else’s site.

Be a good guest on another guy's blog. :)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Learn To Find The Right Keywords

Learning how to find keywords that optimize a website plays an important role in a business’ success.  Luckily, there are several ways to go about it.  In this article, let’s talk about them.

On the whole, seasoned marketers shouldn’t have trouble figuring out the right words when it comes to optimizing a certain website.  Habitual reading of current magazines can already give them a good idea of what terms should top the list. 

The basic step is to start paying closer attention to the words used in the article titles or subtitles-- if any.  These words are there for a reason: to attract attention.   They are also the ones that readers mainly try to find.

That said, in the course of keyword selection, it is important to consider things from the point of view of the customers.  What words are they likely going to use?  How would they type them on the search engine box?

The typical mistake that online entrepreneurs commit is they focus more on the terms used by the marketing organization, not by the consumers.  They forget that it’s the latter who do the searching; hence, they must be the chief point of reference.  If your focus is always going to be the business side, how will you be able to provide aptly for your prospective clients?

Moving on, how to find keywords does not only involve customary reading. There are easier and more efficient ways to do it such as using specialized keyword tools.  For instance, the biggest search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and MSN have their own keyword suggestion tools. 

Fundamentally, they were created to support the companies’ advertising programs.  The tools enabled marketers to distinguish what keywords would work best for their ads.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

This Is Me And I'm Here To Help

Let's do it, cowboy! Yeehaa!
I'll make this introduction short and sweet.

I eat, sleep, and breathe the web. Particularly how I can make my website be found online. I know it's not easy but it's also far from being impossible.

I believe in great content, and with greatness comes responsibility. Sounds too Spider-Man-like? Well, it's the truth if you really want to dominate the web (or at least your niche for starters).

I am white-hat all the way.

I am here to help. If you've got a search optimization or online marketing question, shoot me a message. If I know the answer I'll be happy to share it with you. Should I be stumped, I'll also be happy to point you to the right direction.

And yes, I am That SEO Guy. :)