Thursday, June 14, 2012

Basic SEO You Need To Know {Last Part}

Note: This is a continuation of the previous post.

Find the best keywords.

Keywords are the next concern you must deliberate on.  They are the terms or phrases which people would possibly search for on the web.  When your site has the same words, then search engine crawlers would likely index you in no time.  Aside from giving the public what they need, you also can work on your ranking.  Fantastic, right?  As you know, the higher you rank in the search engine is, the more visible and credible you become in the eyes of the people.

Preferably, the keywords you’re going to choose must have low competition but high popularity.  They shouldn’t be commonly used by other businesses but must be frequently searched for by consumers.  The combo can help maximize your chances for success so it’s one of the basic SEO tips you can’t drop at all. Luckily, there are free tools on the internet that can help you with the process.

The next tip is to build a network of backlinks.  It can significantly help in improving your reputation-- provided that you only link to those who are reputable.

These are the basic SEO tips you should follow when establishing a business.  While they won’t yield amazing results overnight, they can absolutely keep your venture on the right track.  Remember that nothing is easy when it comes to making a business succeed, but, if you know how to do things right on-page and off-page, you can undoubtedly go through great lengths.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Basic SEO You Need To Know

Being cool is not enough. You need quality as well.

You must have heard of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) but did you know that it is performed in two ways?  One is through on-page optimization while the other is off-page.  The former utilizes techniques from within to promote the site, while the latter makes use of backlinks from the outside to get to the same goal.  In this article, let’s talk about basic SEO tips done in both of these ways. 

The first thing you need to work on is the content. Your site may look cool and groovy but if it’s empty in substance, it can’t get anywhere.  Remember that the internet public is always searching for useful information.  If you want them to follow you, you’d better have something to give them.

Now, you may be wondering what to exactly put in your site when all you know is the name and price of what you’re offering.  Well, you’re up for a wonderful surprise.  Truth is, there are a lot of things that can constitute the content of your site.

See, your website can be a convenient source of a lot of information.  You can use it as a channel to share various things to your target market.  For example, if you are into selling anti-acne items, you can focus your content on things related to them.  Why not talk about the meaning of acne and why does it appear?  Can you treat it?  How?  Writing about these things can entice prospective clients because it can provide new knowledge on something they are interested about.  Needless to say, it is one of the easiest ways to create quality content and also one of the most practical search engine optimization tips you can do.

In the next post we will tackle the basics of keyword research.

Friday, June 8, 2012

More Tips For A Successful Video Promotion

This is a continuation of the previous post on how you can do proper video promotion.

With regards to your marketing message in your video, you should be able to say this in a few sentences without having to be extremely blatant.  There are ways to go about a certain point without sounding proud or imposing.   You just need to learn these ways.

That said, you must be prepared to edit and revise the script as many times as needed until it’s down to a reasonable length which doesn’t sacrifice content.  This will eventually save you a lot of time editing and trimming the video itself.

Third, you must also create the video according to the audience.  Some marketing videos are used for corporate affairs while some are for prospective clients.  Naturally, you will talk to these crowds differently.  To the former, you have a leeway of speaking formally and a bit lengthily.  To the latter though, you need to use a more appealing and prompting tone.  In addition, the talk can’t be long.  This is because the former already has an idea of what you’re talking about while the latter is likely clueless and careless. 

Finally, regardless of for whom the video promotion effort was made, you should always finish with a call to action.  What do you want the viewers to do?  Would you like them to know your humble beginnings?  Would you like them to approve your new offerings?  Always call them for action in the end of the videos.  This is also a great spot to put your contact details on so the audience can reach you when they wish to.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Tips For A Successful Video Promotion

Video promotion is becoming one of the hottest trends in online marketing.  While it has been around for sometime, it’s only recently that entrepreneurs are giving it more attention.  Perhaps because the audience has started appreciating it more, too.  In this article, we will discuss some convenient tips on how to make your video production suitable for a successful business promotion.

First tip on the list is to keep the video short.  While it’s tempting to tell everything on one sitting, doing so is a wrong move.  See, the primary reason why people watch video ads is because they are brief and easier to understand.  If you are going to provide a lengthy movie about your company and what you do, the viewers would think that it is no different with reading long and boring articles.  Thus, you have to maintain your videos at reasonable lengths.  A five-minute production would likely tire your visitors already.

Now, to keep your production short, one simple thing to do is only focus on one or two key aspects of your company.  The elaborate history can come later.  For now, settle with telling your clients about a couple of things that will entice them to get to know your business more.  This is the basic goal of video promotion— to persuade viewers to know you more.

The second tip in creating a video for marketing a business has got to do with the message.  You must have a clear and concise script to get your point across— that you are the best and viewers must find it for themselves.

We will continue this discussion on the best ways to do video promotion in the next blog post. Keep an eye out for it.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Simple Blog Writing Tips Continued

The next step is to express everything in simple terms.  Writing a blog post is very different from writing a newspaper report or a novel.  It doesn’t have to be technical or formal.  In fact, the more conversational your style is, the better. 

See, the online public likes it when they read articles that are easy to understand.  The feeling that the write-up is speaking to them on a personal level is what they find engaging.  Hence, it is vital that you learn how to write this way. 

If you are a new writer, you can learn this technique simply.  However, if you have been on the print industry for sometime, you would have to adjust some of your practices to fit the demands of blog writing.

Some other blog writing tips apart from using simple terms are keeping the sentences short and the paragraphs brief.  Both will give way to easier reading and understanding.  Subheadings and lists may also be effective to attain the same goal.

Along being conversational and concise, you should watch yourself from rambling.  Too often a time, bloggers get so comfortable and casual with the way they write and no longer notice when they wander off the point.  Committing this blunder is a big no-no because it tells the reader how careless you truly are.  This is definitely not the way to win followers.  Who would want to follow someone who’s not careful with his or her thoughts, right?

Finally, edit devotedly and ruthlessly.  Carelessness is also going to show if you don’t proofread your articles well.  As a blogger, you must know how to edit, revise, shorten, delete, rewrite, or rephrase whatever needs the action.  Never stop unless your piece sounds crisp and clear.

These are the simple and practical blog writing tips you should keep in mind.  Putting them into practice can surely help you make it in the challenging realm of the blogosphere.