Wednesday, July 4, 2012

How To Optimize A Web Page

Generally, there are three basic components involved in a successful web page optimization: the design, the content, and the meta tags.


Some online business proprietors have the inclination to make their sites elaborate and very colorful; hoping that the elaboration and color would draw more visitors to the site.  Truth is, this NEVER works.  If anything, sites that have loads of graphics and animations scare both search engine crawlers and viewers away.  For the crawlers (also known as the spiders), the embellishments are a hindrance to finding the keywords; while for the viewers, they make navigating a pain in the neck.  Ideally, your website must be simple in design and format.  This will facilitate both crawling and viewing more.


Content must be the most valuable component there is when it comes to SEO.  It is what engages and makes people come back.  A simple web design will not yield great results unless it has sensible and timely content sprinkled with the correct keywords. 

When working with SEO marketing companies, they would likely take care of your site’s content unless you tell them otherwise.  A firm like this often has a pool of writers and marketers who know exactly what to do in order to make your site more attractive than others.

Meta Tags

Meta tags are what describe your web pages.  They tell the title, keyword, and description of what the entire site is about.  They are not likely going to cause detrimental effects to your venture, but, they can be crucial in web page optimization because they have the capacity to entice visitors to your site.  Naturally, these tags must be thought-of well too.

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