Wednesday, August 1, 2012

More Article Marketing Tips

Another effective article marketing strategy is to research for keywords that can be used for the write ups. These keywords can be significant in several ways. One, it can help you with search engine optimization. Two, it can make your write-ups more readable. Three, it can also make them memorable. Quite often, readers recall information through key terms repeatedly used throughout an article. If you can choose a keyword or phrase that will reflect the very gist of your work, then it will make things a lot more favorable.

Crafting a good title is also one of the simplest article marketing tips you should consider. Title is what the readers see first so it has to create an impact. Imagine if you’re checking out your social media account and come across an article teaser. Would you click on the link if the title sounds drab and uninviting? No, right? Hence, while it’s ideal to put your keywords on the title, don’t be too caught up with it that you forget to consider whether it still sounds sensible and enticing.  You must ensure that your title is optimized and appealing at the same time.

The next pointer you should take note of is to publish your work on reputable sites. Ideally, you should have your own site or blog to post all articles on. This gives you full control of everything. It establishes your reputation too. As you know, having your own “hub” makes a huge difference.

But, if you don’t have your own site or you simply wish to distribute your articles further, what you can do is have them published on well-respected directories. These sites are already positioned well in the search engines. The online public knows of them too. Hence, posting on them can make you enjoy high visibility.

These are the basic article marketing tips you should know if you are new to the method. This should be a part of a bigger internet marketing plan. Try it on your business and see how beneficial it can be.

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