Friday, June 8, 2012

More Tips For A Successful Video Promotion

This is a continuation of the previous post on how you can do proper video promotion.

With regards to your marketing message in your video, you should be able to say this in a few sentences without having to be extremely blatant.  There are ways to go about a certain point without sounding proud or imposing.   You just need to learn these ways.

That said, you must be prepared to edit and revise the script as many times as needed until it’s down to a reasonable length which doesn’t sacrifice content.  This will eventually save you a lot of time editing and trimming the video itself.

Third, you must also create the video according to the audience.  Some marketing videos are used for corporate affairs while some are for prospective clients.  Naturally, you will talk to these crowds differently.  To the former, you have a leeway of speaking formally and a bit lengthily.  To the latter though, you need to use a more appealing and prompting tone.  In addition, the talk can’t be long.  This is because the former already has an idea of what you’re talking about while the latter is likely clueless and careless. 

Finally, regardless of for whom the video promotion effort was made, you should always finish with a call to action.  What do you want the viewers to do?  Would you like them to know your humble beginnings?  Would you like them to approve your new offerings?  Always call them for action in the end of the videos.  This is also a great spot to put your contact details on so the audience can reach you when they wish to.

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