Sunday, June 3, 2012

Simple Blog Writing Tips Continued

The next step is to express everything in simple terms.  Writing a blog post is very different from writing a newspaper report or a novel.  It doesn’t have to be technical or formal.  In fact, the more conversational your style is, the better. 

See, the online public likes it when they read articles that are easy to understand.  The feeling that the write-up is speaking to them on a personal level is what they find engaging.  Hence, it is vital that you learn how to write this way. 

If you are a new writer, you can learn this technique simply.  However, if you have been on the print industry for sometime, you would have to adjust some of your practices to fit the demands of blog writing.

Some other blog writing tips apart from using simple terms are keeping the sentences short and the paragraphs brief.  Both will give way to easier reading and understanding.  Subheadings and lists may also be effective to attain the same goal.

Along being conversational and concise, you should watch yourself from rambling.  Too often a time, bloggers get so comfortable and casual with the way they write and no longer notice when they wander off the point.  Committing this blunder is a big no-no because it tells the reader how careless you truly are.  This is definitely not the way to win followers.  Who would want to follow someone who’s not careful with his or her thoughts, right?

Finally, edit devotedly and ruthlessly.  Carelessness is also going to show if you don’t proofread your articles well.  As a blogger, you must know how to edit, revise, shorten, delete, rewrite, or rephrase whatever needs the action.  Never stop unless your piece sounds crisp and clear.

These are the simple and practical blog writing tips you should keep in mind.  Putting them into practice can surely help you make it in the challenging realm of the blogosphere.

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