Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Use YouTube For Your Business

Upload clips of presentations and speeches you’ve given. Uploading parts of the speeches or presentations you have done in the past can add to your credibility. It doesn’t only demonstrate your skills but also prove your authority. This is undoubtedly one of the advantages of using Youtube for business. It helps establish your expertise in the field.

Upload testimonials. Word-of-mouth marketing is still very effective to date. The easiest way to get it online is by testimonials. If you can upload videos of satisfied clients talking about how happy they are doing business with you, then it would be a lot easier for viewers to trust you too.

Enhance your videos. Remember that that the viewing public are wise. They can tell whether your video was professionally done or not. They can also pinpoint whether you know more than the basics. To make their impression better, don’t forget to enhance your videos by adding special features. Think of language options, insight, quick capture, audioswap, and the likes. They can not only get your viewers more engaged but also convince them that you know what you’re doing.

Be visible. Being visible is also a technique in using Youtube for business. By this we don’t mean uploading one video after another, though.  To be visible means to show people that you are indeed a member of the same community. Check out their videos and comment on them. This will let them know that you’re more than just an entrepreneur; you are willing to have a relationship with them. This rapport can go a long way.

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